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Hi, my name’s Paula Grey. It’s May 2021. I land straight from Vacation to start my blog… I’ve just arrived. I unpack all the luggage. I relax for a bit and then set to work.

Depending on when you arrive at the site, you will discover a huge broad spectrum of books to read following my reviews that I publish when I can.

For me, this blog is a hobby but also a passion.

Now, If you like to read, if you don’t have time to keep up-to-date with books, news, classics, bookstores, or any noun from the same semantic field that comes to mind, I hope I will be of help to you. You may not agree with my opinions or the feelings that books leave me. Well say it. Maybe you agree, and that will be great.

Thank you for being and for ‘being’ in this blogging universe and visiting my site.

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