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Fiction books and novels tell stories that keep the reader in suspense or play roller coaster with their emotions. They can be Scary stories, or endearing stories that catch the reader’s imagination. Good stories can impact a person’s life that ultimately manage to absorb the reader in world.

Nonfiction books can change your life. They can inspire, empower, direct and equip you for life struggles and experiences.

On this blog, I aim to bring you high quality professional book reviews of both nonfiction and fiction books. In addition to the reviews, I also provide you with a link where you can buy them.


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Learn How To, Self-Help, Dieting Etc are the type of nonfiction books you will find me reviewing here.

Thriller, mystery and thought-provoking fiction books are what I like to review as well.

My name is Paula, and it is my pleasure to bring you my book review blog.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing my reviews.

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